Awesome Saturday!
I have to tell you about my experience shopping at Heeb’s on Saturday.
I shop at Heeb’s almost every Saturday, so today was nothing different.
I have my usual shopping pattern in the store, i stop at the Deli for Chicken Strips, I keep them on hand for whoever needs them on the weekend.
I walk to the Meat Department and Matt is always there to greet me! Matt knows me well enough to ask me what I’m making for Sunday Dinner. (Sunday Dinner is a family time at our home, and we always have a big meal) He makes me laugh and we finally decide what I’m cooking!
So while I was finishing up at the Meat Department, Tamra from the Fruit Cut Department walks up to me and says, how’s that cute daughter of yours? Then she proceeds to tell me that she just cut fresh watermelon and it is really good melon today! Isn’t that just the best? She remembers that I love great melon!!! I walk over to the Cut Fruit Station and buy watermelon! Tamra then asks me if I have ever had Cotton Candy Grapes before, of course I haven’t and she has me sample one! Oh my GOODNESS! They are pretty awesome. So I buy some Cotton Candy Grapes. 🤣
It’s like this all the way through the store. I get finally get to the check out stand and Jack is there to take care of me, he always bags my groceries just the way I like them! The Heeb’s Family is like no other. They know their customers and they visit with you like you’re family.
As I drove home, I thought… I have to let the Gallatin Valley know what a great place Heeb’s it, I have never this experience anywhere else in town.
Thanks Heeb’s!
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