Juicy, Sweet Cut Fruit

Tamra is knocking it out of the park with our fresh cut fruit. We have a great display of just cut fruit that is delicious! Check it out!

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It’s Open!!!

Highland is open to Main Street again! Around noon today the barricades on our west entrance were lifted!!! Welcome back to Heeb's!

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It’s almost finished!

Yay! They were chip sealing today!!! If the weather holds today hopefully striping of the traffic lines will happen as well. We are getting closer to getting Highland open!

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Great Progress

Cashman's have done a great job with the landscaping around our building and parking lot. Yesterday they were laying sod along Highland. We are getting closer to completion!

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Beer Cave Friday

Get ready for the weekend! Beer and Wine is 10% off at Heeb's Fresh Market. Friday Only!

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Exciting news!

Construction of Highland is going well! They completed paving on Friday. Next week will be striping!!! Walker Excavation and High Country Paving have done an excellent job!

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