The Best Little
Big Store in Town;
Big Store Variety,
Little Store Personality!

We’ve been downtown Bozeman’s grocery store for over sixty years!

About Heeb’s East Main Grocery

Heeb’s East Main Grocery in Bozeman, Montana is a locally owned neighborhood grocery store. Heeb’s was originally founded by Ernie and Edith Heeb, and has been a part of downtown Bozeman since 1947. Since that time frame, ownership has changed three times. The current owners are Mitch and Sherri Bradley. Mitch and Sherri are Bozeman natives and are committed to serving the community!

Life is Downtown and so is Heeb's Grocery!Heeb’s has a long standing tradition of having the best meat in town. Ask anyone in Bozeman and they will tell you Heeb’s is the place to go for quality product and superior service. Our store is 10,000 square feet so we are smaller than other stores but our wide selection is sure to impress you. Since Heeb’s is locally owned, we are able to get the products our customers want, not necessarily what the store wants to sell.

At Heeb’s Grocery we strongly believe in supporting our local community, so we choose to buy from local suppliers whenever possible. You will find several items in our selection which are unique to our area and are of outstanding quality. Such items you might see in our store include jams, salsas, dog treats, microbrews and more!

Heeb’s East Main Grocery offers a unique shopping experience for everyone. The combination of our size, location, and wonderful staff create an ideal environment. We are proud of the employees who work for us because of their friendliness and knowledge. Our meat cutters will offer suggestions on cooking and preparing the cuts of meat we sell. The deli staff will let you sample what you might consider purchasing and recommend thickness of cuts according to what you intend to prepare. Our chicken tenders are the best in the valley! In the produce department, our people will provide samples and knowledge of the different varieties we offer. If a head of cabbage is too large, they will cut it to the size you desire!

Throughout the store you will notice our attention to detail. We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean store and high standards from wall to wall. Our goal is to serve our community to the best of our ability with “Big Store Variety, Little Store Personality.” We are the “Best Little Big Store In Town!”

We invite everyone to stop by and see us today!