The Best Little
Big Store in Town;
Big Store Variety,
Little Store Personality!

Our family of hard working employees sets us apart from large chain stores.

The Heeb’s Family

The staff that works at Heeb’s is very a unique and diverse group. Our employees ranges from college students to individuals with over 40 years experience in the grocery business. The people we hire are very customer service minded. Our mind set is keeping a positive attitude and showing it to our customers. The combination between shoppers, employees and the size of the store creates a great atmosphere. Heeb’s has the feel of a neighborhood store, and we see many of our shoppers several times a week.

Owners: Mitch and Sherri Bradley

Manager: Michelle Kendall

Shift Manager: Garrett Hall

Produce Manager: Catherine Nutt

Meat Manager: Mark Beland

Bakery Manager: Diane Kuhl

Dairy Manager: Gaye-Lee Grant

Meat Cutter: Jimmy

Cashiers/Deli, Meat & Produce Clerks: Diane B., Garrett S.,  Jack,  Laurie G., Lori A., Shelby, Taylor, Jessica, Aaron, Darcy, Edith, Denise, Brenna, Jacklynn, Shayla, Brandon, Tamra and Kris.


Employment Opportunities

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We are always on the lookout for helpful, friendly and courteous people to join our team. If you would like the opportunity to become a contributing member of the Heeb’s family, please start the process by downloading our application. Please drop off your completed application at our store.